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The Man Who Dreamed of Liberty: The amazing Story of Roger Williams; who established 'America in Miniature'. Persecuted, Ridiculed and Banished into the howling wilderness for the Ideal of Liberty when as yet real 'Liberty' was not even dreamed of! Download PDF EBook

Beyond Pitcairn  To Pitcairn and beyond to other lands and places! Come begin a journey into time: The Amazing story of the Mutiny on the Bounty. Download PDF EBook

The National Sunday Law Crisis  Every thing that Congress does is important; and, as you will learn in this book, it is close to making some important decisions that most of us are little aware of. Download PDF EBook

Eternal Rendezvous: The Sabbath question from a different angle. PDF

Prophet of the End One of the Most Astounding True Stories of Modern Times! Here You will Thrill to the Amazing History of a Young Girl; Unable to Write a Sentence or Walk Out the Door Unsupported; Yet Destined to Travel Across Continents; and Write More Than Most Have Ever Written!

The Sabbath of God Through the Centuries A Chart by Elder J. F. Coltheart: 1954 the result of several year research including travels abroad in Europe and the middle east where he consulted rare and ancient manuscripts. Truly amazing! 

The Chart of the Week. This is incredible information! This chart is over a hundred years old. It was prepared by Dr. William Meade Jones, a research expert in London, England. Over 200 languages prove that the week, everywhere, has seven days;—and that, in most languages, the native word for the seventh day is "Sabbath" or "rest day." This is a PDF File of a simplified version of the original chart.

The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan: 1888 The Most important book of our times: You owe it to yourself to read this Best Selling book. Download PDF EBook / Listen to 1884 Book in Audio MP3

The Weekly Cycle Has Never Changed. We know this from history, astronomy, and the Jewish race. Therefore the seventh day on our calendar is the same seventh day on which Jesus and Moses kept the Bible Sabbath.

Christmas, Easter and Halloween Where did they come from? Download PDF EBook

God's Holy Day  Which day shall I keep, and why? Download PDF EBook

Historians and Church Authorities Tell Us Where Sunday Sacredness Came From. They know the facts, and now you can too. PDF File

Money Rewards Offered for a Text PDF

What Are We Talking About?  A Summary of the main facts in the case. PDF

Basic Steps to Christ. All the "information" we present will do you no good unless you have made Jesus your Personal Savior! If you have never come to Jesus, or have fallen away from Him by neglect or sin, then we invite you to find out how you can become and remain a true Christian.

Timeline of Sabbath History  This only goes to the 1600s but it is interesting. PDF

The Indestructible, Universal Sabbath  PDF

Why Not Ask God About the Sabbath? What would He say? PDF

Jesus Will Help You, by His Enabling Grace, to Obey God’s Moral Law. There is Bible information here which can help you live a better life. PDF

Your Questions Answered about Sabbath and Sunday. I am sure you have questions; here are the answers. PDF

The Sabbath a Delight!  PDF

The Seventh: Number of Perfection PDF

Church Research Project Report Remember the Sabbath Day, to Keep it Holy! A valuable and interesting study. PDF

The Lord's Day & The New Covenant PDF

The Jubilee  Stephen N. Haskell PDF

Testimony of the Fathers of the First Three Centuries Concerning The Sabbath & First Day: J. N. Andrews Download PDF EBook

History of the Sabbath J. N. Andrews; a Complete and Scholarly work. No greater book has been assembled to detail the history of the Sabbath. The book traces the observance of the day from Jesus' time to the present. Download PDF EBook

Truth Triumphant The Church in the Wilderness: By Benjamin George Wilkinson, Ph. D. Exciting and little know history of the Christian Church. Download PDF EBook

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