What is a 'Protestant'?

There is only one true meaning of the term 'Protestant' and that was to Protest against the pretentions and corruptions of Rome. The Reformation gave birth to the cry of 'Sola Scriptura', or the Bible as the sole Rile of Doctrine and Faith--but how well has 'Protestantism' lived up to her claims?

Why Protestant? Why Catholics? PDF file.

Why the Protestant Reformation Failed PDF file.

Catholicism Speaks; Protestantism Speaks PDF file.

A Fijian Man's Defense: The simple logic of an 'uneducated' man. PDF file.

Asking the Pope about the Change of the Sabbath  PDF file.

A Letter from Rome: Here is a remarkable letter, published by the Roman Catholic Church, about the Bible Sabbath. It tells Protestants that they should either keep the Bible Sabbath—or return all the way to the Catholic Church which they are now obeying by keeping Sunday sacred. PDF file.

Rome's Challenge Why do Protestants keep Sunday?? PDF EBook.

Testimony From Leading Denominations

Rome's Arraignment of Sabbath Breakers First printed in July 3, 1897, issue of the Catholic Mirror. PDF EBook.

Where the Bible Ends -- An Amazing Story Began: The most penetrating analysis of the past and the future in relation to our time now available. Great Controversy is a book for our time. Download 1888 PDF EBook / Listen to 1884 Book in Audio MP3


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